A Love Affair With Youself



Turiya Hanover

Gyana Cain


The Light & Shadow of Woman

24. - 26. September 2021

€ 340,00

In München City

The last few years have been a time of change, movement and liberation for women - this evolutionary change in society gives us the opportunity to come back to ourselves, to the truth of the feminine - it is an opening for us women to discover our own power - this means that we take responsibility for all aspects of female life, our ability of light and dark. The way we live out the shadows of the feminine - how we can slip out of fear into victimhood, control and manipulation.

Where it is certainly important that we get a voice, it is absolutely essential, that we do not compare with the male and lose ourselves in comparison or equality. Rather, the question is - how can we discover, embody and bring into the world our own very individual feminine essence ?

It is an exploration of boundaries and the challenges we face being a mother, a daughter, a sister, a partner or leader. The journey into the joy of true femininity is also a journey out of numbness and frozenness. How can we respect our body as a powerful source of knowledge, set boundaries when needed, and be honest with ourselves and others. It is time for us to evolve, to honour, love and enjoy our lives in all its complexity.

womans worth

Video - Turiya Hanover on Woman's Work

To awaken our senses, to prepare us in a new way to meet ourselves and the masculine.

This retreat will be serious and playful, experiential and transformative. We will work with respect and loving acceptance of what is, and learn to connect with what is missing. We will experience the power of our embodied wisdom and celebrate the incredible gifts of being a woman today.

A Woman's Worth

a love affair with yourself

Spring 2021

In this group we will explore female issues, that are almost every women’s themes today. As many women have been rejecting their bodies so strongly, we are going to work with the body, and see what is in the way of love and acceptance. There are so many ideas what it means to be a woman, and these ideas are strangling us, and keep us from discovering our true nature. To be in a feminine body is a great gift! It is full of life, sensuousness, intuitiveness, softness and strength. How can we learn to accept and appreciate it, not by becoming like man, but by discovering the precious gift that is bestowed upon us.We will look at beliefs of unworthiness, co-dependency and all kind of identities, that keep hindering us of living the female potential.

We will face issues around competition, jealousy, and envy, that hinder us to respect each other and look at our way of being focused at men only, and seeing ourselves through their eyes, and thus give our power away, and allow endless abuse.

We will also have to deal with our shadow - side, the kali aspect of the feminine, that is live giving but also life destroying and thus negative. Through awareness and courage, we might be able to face and penetrate these unconscious aspects of ourselves and the collective as well.

Through safe inquiries, an atmosphere of trust and honesty is created, that might enable us to look and to feel what actually is underneath all these issues and explore and discover what is our true feminine essence.

We will do some body-oriented structures, meditations and inquiries that help us to open and expand into our multifaceted female colors and dimensions.