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Anu Cain

Anu Cain

| Born in 1957, he has been working as a body therapist since 1985. For 15 years Anu worked at the Osho Commune in Pune, India. He taught at the Healing Arts Academy and worked as a Rebalancer in USA, Switzerland, Italy, UK, India, Japan and Taiwan.

 In 2008, together with his wife, he founded the Silence of Touch Rebalancing School, which is a state-approved school for Rebalancing Bodywork since 2016. 

Anu lives in Grünwald near Munich with his wife Gyana and his two daughters. His practice is located in Munich, City.

  • Rebalancing Body Therapy
  • Essential Counselling
  • Holistic Coaching

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Gyana Bonnie Cain

gyana cain

| Born in Hamburg in 1977 and now lives near Munich with her husband Anu and their two daughters Zoe and Kaya. Gyana was lucky enough to be able to travel a lot in the world early in her life, as well as to have rich experiences in groups and therapy work and so she started the path of her inner journey. 

Trained in Holistic Counseling (SIAF), Essential Counseling Working with People Training with Rafia Morgan and Turiya Hanover, Trauma Work, Working with the Inner Child, Working with Women - in Training with Turiya Hanover, Rebalancing Body Therapy and Body Coaching, Counseling for Couples, Dynamics within the family.

In 2008 she and her husband Anu founded the Silence of Touch Rebalancing School, which has been recognized as a state-recognized school for rebalancing bodywork since 2016. Gyana and Anu have their practice at Marienplatz, Munich and also offer online sessions.