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16. Oct

Silence of Touch Rebalancing Training

Embodying Life

This training is for anyone who would like to deepen their understanding of the human body and for those who would like to expand their bodywork skills. It is also for those of you who just want to get back in touch and have an anchor while transitioning through difficult times. These trainings are unique and many people come just to get back in touch with their body, their life, their 'felt sense' and learn through touch the art of communication. Although you get an extensive grounding in the Rebalancing technique of deep massage, as you will read in the feedback, there is a lot, lot more to these trainings that just bodywork.

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Oct 2020

A Woman’s Worth

with Turiya Hanover, Gyana Cain

We live in a time of great upheaval. Today, the understanding of the female as well as the male is in huge upheaval and a great transformation is possible. For centuries, women have defined us over others. We have often heard and experienced from an early age that we are either too much or too little.

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Dates to follow

The Light and Shadow of Woman

with Turiya Hanover, Gyana Cain

A courageous confrontation with limits, real responsibility and the voice of women. We have an opportunity to liberate the shadow of our sacrificial attitudes and get into the true power of femininity.

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Dates to follow

Essential elements for a new way of relating

Workshop for Couples

In this weekend, we will explore topics that deal with masculine and femenine presence in all of us and how these aspects of us influence our lives and relationships with others.The focus will be on paying more attention to the relationship between woman and man and their animus or anima - in this we have a possible model of wholeness in which each person can be compared to the Yin Yang symbol.We will also explore the negative or dark sides of the Inner Man and Woman and how they affect behavior and relationships.Discover new ways for women and men to live in love and to grow joyfully.This is not a workshop that includes massage.